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Join my Heart, a company inspired by
experience and motivated by happy endings

Join my Heart is owned by Mark & Katrine and was created after a successful meeting in The Crimea, which led to the relationship they share today. Irina is Operations Manager in Zaporozhye and takes care of photo shoots, marketing, vetting new advertisers, pairing couples, translations and assisting with meetings.

Mark is a British citizen, living in Portsmouth, England, who regularly travels to the Ukraine for meetings with Katrine. He is also a seasoned traveler and has visited many Eastern European countries as a holiday maker. Paying careful attention to cultural differences and learning from both success and failure, Mark is able to offer useful advise to anybody planning a similar journey. Mark is also responsible for the design, administration and marketing of the site.

Katrine is a Ukrainian citizen, who spent 6 months living and working in Germany and is a regular traveler to The Crimea and Kiev. Her experience in Germany gave her a good insight into Western standards, customs and culture. Katrine is qualified in tourist management and speaks fluent English. She has 3 years experience as a guide and translator in Zaporozhye and The Crimea. She is responsible for tour operations, arranging meetings and looking at new ideas to make your visit to The Ukraine interesting, exciting and unforgettable. She also actively promotes Join my Heart and recruits new women in Zaporozhye. She advertises using posters at local Gyms, swimming pools, universities, colleges and clubs to get local ladies interested in joining our agency.

Mark is on hand for pre-travel enquiries and Katrine runs the agency in The Ukraine to the highest standards and beyond your expectations. They are both customer orientated and motivated by happy endings. Seeing couples get married as a result of our services is a wonderful and satisfying achievement for both of them.

Some words from the owners:

Mark says,

"I was looking on the internet for a Russian or Ukrainian lady for about 12 months before I met Katya ( Katrine). About 80% of my previous communication had ended in a request for money without an initial meeting, were recognised scammers or just didn't seem real. Anybody who has experienced online dating will know this feeling well!"

"From the very first letter I received from Katrine, something felt very different. Here was a girl who answered all my questions, entertained me with her wit and optimistic approach to life and expressed real passion and romantic attitudes in her writing. Writing led to phone calls, which confirmed our similar personalities and we could speak for hours about love and life, share laughter, hopes and fears. It became very clear that someone special had come into my life and I think a meeting was inevitable. After 6 weeks of correspondence, Katrine and I made our own arrangements to meet, and I must say I was very nervous about possible problems. Was her identity real? Would she be there? Would we like each other? Was The Ukraine a safe place to visit?"

"I guess I was lucky, because the answer to all these questions was a definite yes! Katrine's choice of apartment in The Crimea was fantastic, our 10 days in The Crimea were like a dream and never once did I feel uncomfortable. Of course, it led to the relationship we have today. I can't generalise about Ukrainian women, but I can honestly say that Katrine is my soul mate. The most interesting, cheerful and loving girl I have ever met! I now regularly travel to her home town of Zaporozhye to spend time with her."

"My personal goal is that all our clients have a similar experience to my own, and while we can't guarantee you will find love, we promise that your arrangements will be trouble free and exceed your expectations. Whether you visit The Ukraine as a tourist or to meet your loved one, you will be treated to some unique sights, sounds and cultural experiences which will stay alive in your memory forever. Ukrainians are very hospitable people, who really appreciate foreigners choosing to visit their country. The Ukrainian and British style of humour is very similar and may explain why my meeting was full of smiles, laughter and amusing moments! The hand of friendship ( as well as Vodka, Cognac and bottles of beer!), was offered to me many times by strangers, despite my obvious shortcomings in the Russian language. It seems that a smile is internationally recognised and always returned."

"Whatever your reason for visiting The Ukraine we can assist you. We can be with you from start to finish!"

Katrine says,

"I started  looking for my Mr. Right on the Internet roughly two years ago. After some time of  online correspondence I had to face and accept a not too cheerful fact - even though many nice man shared with me their dreams and hopes, paying compliments to my appearance and inner traits, very few could go ahead and venture to make the next step, book an air ticket  to Ukraine, board the plane and let us enjoy our first real meeting."

"As it turned out  many Western men found it difficult to go to a foreign, seemingly so different and unknown country as The Ukraine. That spurred me on to providing my virtual friends with the most comprehensive information about my country and my birthplace ( Zaporozhye). After visiting Germany and a few other Western countries I felt capable to describe cultural differences, could predict possible misunderstandings and point at things that were really similar. My efforts were not in vain and helped us to clear and dispel sometimes ungrounded, and to my mind a bit exaggerated, worries and apprehensions."

"Even though my first two meetings didn't work out into a serious long lasting relationships as I had hoped, the 7-10 days we spent together were exciting and memorable because we shared a flat and meals, explored the city, enjoyed the nightlife, learnt traditions pursued mutual hobbies and spent romantic moments together."

"Last summer when I met Mark my life changed and keeps smiling at me. After just a couple of letters which  were so natural,  warm  and personal, I got to know this man is impossible to dislike. He inspired trust and genuine interest in me. His letters added unusual warmth,  passion and impish humor to our correspondence."

"It didn't take us long to discover we were soul mates and we started to plan our meeting. From the very beginning I met him I thought he was a nice man. But after the ten days we spent in Crimea  I realized that nice is very lightly spoken. Our summer romance turned into a beautiful worthy relationship which gives us friendship encouragement and true feelings. We really can trust to luck that we found each other."

©Join my Heart