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If this was a site where users could automatically submit their profiles, I could give you pages of advise on how to spot a scammer. However, you are fortunate in that we know the ladies that submit to this site. They fill out application forms, pass on their photos for approval and sometimes arrange photo shoots with us to enhance their profile. Those that submit profiles using the internet, get a call back and are interviewed before their details are published here. We also deliver gifts and flowers to their houses. In short they are real. Proving this is usually a massive first sscamtep before trust is established and feelings expressed. If you get on well with these women you can expect to meet them, if you are willing to make the journey. Scamming is bad for our business and we would like to made aware of any problems you experience while amember here. Email katrine@joinmyheart.com with the lady's details and she will be removed!

If you have been communicating with a lady from Zaporozhye, not registered with us, we can provide an investigation service to establish of she is real. Our reprasentative in Zapoorozhye will establish if her address is valid and try to meet up with the lady. We will provide photo's and results and email these back to you. This has proved to be a great success in the past, with most clients receiving results back within 48 hoursand the total cost being between $60 - $80. Click here for full details.

I have written this guide as a British male, who has experienced attempted online scams, been successful in identifying genuine women and who has spent time with the Ukrainian people in their country. I provide these few small lines of advise, which everyone should be aware of no matter which site they meet someone through.

  • Never send money in advance of a meeting! A lady who is interested in you will never ask for it. Although we know these ladies are real, it is difficult to establish whether their motives are genuine. It will be down to YOU to decide that, and is usually best done after a meeting.

  • A very typical scenario would be for as scammer to request between $1000 - $1500 to get a visa and visit you. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS! A lady will never be granted a visa unless she can prove that you have met before. Other typical scam scenarios are requests for money for medical bills, help to pay for rent and translation fee. Although these may be valid requests, we wouldn't recommend that you entertain the idea until you know the lady well (after meeting).

  • If you want the lady to meet you outside of Zaporozhye, it would be reasonable for her to request travel costs to get to your meeting point. If you are worried about sending her money for this we are able to book her travel tickets, deliver them and photograph the delivery. We charge the cost of the travel tickets +$40 for this. Please email mark@joinmyheart.com with full details if you would like to do this

  • The reasons women advertise on here are varied and less sinister than some men believe. They have become disillusioned by the men in their own country. Generally speaking, alcohol plays a big part in the lives of men in The Ukraine, which in many cases, leads to undesirable domestic situations. There are more women in the Ukraine than men and most are married by the age of 23. In these womens eyes, all the good men in their own country are married with families. The internet provides them with an effective means of finding a worthy partner and experiencing some very special romantic moments with someone.

  • Few Ukrainian women will make a decision about a future with you purely on your financial stability or with a long term plan to change citizenship. Nobody will deny that ife in the Ukraine can be hard financially, with wages averaging under £100/ $200 per month. But most have got used to living within their means, are happy and take pleasure in the simple and inexpensive things their country has to offer. This explains why so many have interests such as being in the countryside, dancing and swimming. It is almost always the case that what will first attract them to you is your honesty, personality and character.

  • Don't try to impress her with money you haven't got! You will be giving an impression that life will always be like this and she will, of course, get used to this. Ukrainian women tend to practical and careful with money. They are unlikely to be impressed by you throwing money around. They will be even less impressed if you are getting yourself into debt doing so!

  • Be cautious of someone who avoids the issue of meeting you, if you have been communicating for a few months and appear to be getting on well. If she is interested in you the idea of meeting will be mutual.
  • Ensure she answers the questions that you ask in your emails. Beware of letters that seem to be templated. If you receive a templated letter, the chances are you are one of many men she is writing to.

  • And some important advise for gentleman interested in our services. Please be honest and show respect to these ladies. Sending photos of Brad Pitt or George Clooney in place of your own will not help you! Posting rude or offensive images to these ladies is not accpetable on this site! Attempts to so will be intercepted, destroyed and your membership put under review. Lies about your age or profession will be similarly frowned upon. You will get your meeting off to a bad start, if she finds you have lied to her, and you may even find her unwilling to spend time with you. If you have been honest then you have little to worry about. They will respond to you best if you be yourself, are honest, romantic and show good manners.

  • If you have ideas of being a sex tourist with these women, please consider a more specialised site! These ladies are looking for a long term future with their special man. Genuine Ukrainian women tend to be very passionate, romantic, sensual and willing to please their man when in a proper relationship.

  • Be wary of big age gaps! Although some relationships work with massive age differences, it is rare. Very much as it would be in your own country. It is also rare for Ukrainian couples to get together with such ages differences, so why should you be different because you are foreign? You will be asking for big trouble and heartbreak if you are 40+ and looking at an 18 year old. Many men make the mistake of thinking because they are dating a foreign woman, these things aren't important and may be the biggest reason for marriages/ relationships failing. Check the age range of the partner she is looking for as a guide.


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