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Join my Heart's Ukrainian dating & meeting services in Zaporozhye can help take care of your requirements for meeting a Ukrainian lady. Enjoy a meeting with our Ukrainian ladies in Zaporozhye

Your individual, bespoke meeting package in Zaporozhye, The Ukraine

Many companies offer an 'all in one' expensive package with many services you may not get to use. We offer ways of meeting your girl quickly without spending months emailing each other and spending a large amount of money in correspondance. Lengthy correspondance prior to a meeting will normally only result in an agency making a profit from your messages. We would rather you come to The Ukraine, meet your lady and spend your money having a great time with her. You are free to choose the services you want from us, all are sensibly priced and make for a very personal and individual service. We are also up front about our pricing so you won't suddenly find any hidden fees in our services

This service is only available to clients interested in dating one or more or the ladies registered with us.

We break down meeting a lady into 3 simple stages - pre-meeting, meeting & post meeting.


You have 3 options to choose from to get to know your lady:

  1. Regular exchange of message through our site. This is a traditional method of getting to know the lady through a series of messages. Clients who use this method would generally be looking for a meeting sometime in the future, but are not sure when. Clients purchace credits to receive emails from the lady.
    You will need to register as a member. There is never a charge for men to message ladies and the ladies first reply is free. For subsequent replies from the lady we ask for a credit of $50. This will allow you to receive 6 replies from a lady who needs messages translated or 10 letters from a lady who doesn't need translation. If you don't receive a reply then there is no charge. If you wish to cancel then we will refund any unused credit.

  2. Rapid introduction and email services. This is a quick way of choosing a lady/ladies from our site who interest you, finding out if the interest is mutual, setting a date within a short timeframe and getting to know the lady through a small series of emails. We provide extra photos of the lady and minimize the amount of writing you have to do. Ideal for clients who want to meet the lady within 1 or 2 months.
    We will need an introduction letter and some photos which we can present to the lady/ladies you choose. She will be advised of your emails by sms or phone to always promote a quick response. She will write a lengthy introduction letter in return, plus send you additional photos. This service includes sending your profile details and photo for her consideration, promoting you as the best gentleman in the world and determing her interest in you. There is an additional charge of $50 per lady for this service. If the lady doesn't reply on your introduction then we will refund this charge. If you wish to keep in touch with the lady after having exchanged introductions you can choose option 1 or option3.

  3. Pre-arranged Webcam/online chat with translator present. This is a highly effective way of getting to know each other and we would you will probably know each other quite well in just 2 or 3 hour sessions. A great method if you're looking for a quick meeting and to see the lady from your own home!
    You will need to be using either of the above services to use this option. The cost of this service is $40 per session and will allow up to an hours chat. We can use Yahoo, MSN or Skype depending on your preference. This is a fixed minimum charge and there are no refunds.

Full email support from our staff is provided throughout the pre-meeting process


  • An English speaking contact will be provided for you when you reach Zaporozhye. They will assist with co-ordinating meetings and any other problems you encounter.
  • Taxi transfer from Zaporozhye train station or airport to your accommodation. Service is for both ways. Our translator will meet you at the airport/trin staion on you arrival.
  • Rent of apartment in the city center. One/two room, Euro style. Has a lounge, bedroom, kitchen/ diner, bathroom/ shower with WC, cooking facilities, refrigerator, telephone line, TV and all modern conveniences. Accomodation will usually be in one of our popular apartments. For details of our apartments click here.
  • Zaporozhye Guides and tourist information leaflets at your apartment on arrival.
  • Your lady will meet you the day of your arrival. If you arrive late in the evening, your first date will take place the next day.
  • Our translator will be available to assist you on your initial meeting with your first date.
  • We will arrange your dates at suitable times for both of you and advise on  romantic meeting places.
  • All prices quoted in US dollars.


  • If you choose to meet several women you’ve been writing to, we guarantee confidentiality and help in arranging your meetings.
  • On your request, we will be eager to Contact  her/them in advance before your arrival, sending your profile and photos and  promoting you as a great guy through telephone conversations. Details above Rapid personal introduction
  • PERSONAL SEARCH FOR A PROSPECTIVE SOUL-MATE. We can place a personal advert in a local newspaper and turn replies into profiles for you to approve. This will give you access to many ladies who are not registered with dating sites. We can arrange for you and your date/ dates to rapidly build up knowledge of each other and aim to get a meeting within 4-6 weeks of your first letter. There is an addtional fee for this service, but will save you money/ time from lengthly correspondance and gaurantees a meeting in a short timescale. We will present you with options and quotes when you contact us.

We’ll do our best to make sure you have a fruitful time. Go out on a date each day of your tour

  • If your arranged meeting doesn't take place because of a ladies fault, our agent will arrange a second free meeting with another lady who is registered with us and who matches your requirements. You will be given photos and profile information in advance for your approval. The lady will be informed about you in the same way. Photos and profile information in advance for your approva

Once you decide you want to meet the lady, we aim to offer you everything you could possibly need to get to Zaporozhye, provide comfortable western style accommodation, the help to get your meeting on the right foot and ongoing help and support if needed. Once you arrive in Zaporozhye you will have an English speaking contact, who is an expert in her home city and has a good understanding of visitors. We are sometimes available to offer discounts for longer stays or if you book multiple services with us. You may choose some or all of the following options when arranging your meeting:

  • There is a fee of $60 per date which is compulsary for all first dates with our ladies.
    Our representative will be in attendance to ensure everyone get's off on the right foot and create a good atmosphere. Translating is included in price. If the lady needs help with translation on 2,3 dates then our charges would be $10 per hour payable on site
  • Your Accommodation in Zaporozhye.
    *We can offer 1 & 3 room semi-lux city center apartments = $45-$55 per night.
    *We can offer 1,2 or 3 room luxury city center apartments = $60-$80 per night.
  • Transfer from Kiev to Zaporozhye.
    *A private driver to meet you at Kiev Birospol Airport/your apartment in Zaporozhye = $300 one way or $600 both ways.
    *An airline ticket from/to Kiev/Zaporozhye = $130 one way or $260 both ways.
    *A 1st class train ticket from/to Kiev/Zaporozhye = $100 is one way or $200 both ways.
    *A 2nd class train ticket from/to Kiev/Zaporozhye = $35 is one way or $70 both ways.
  • Transfer from Zaporozhye Airport or Train Station to your apartment.
    *Pre-arranged taxi transfer from/to Zaporozhye Airport/your apartment = $30 one way or $60 both ways.
    *Pre-arranged taxi transfer from/to Zaporozhye Train station/your apartment = $20 one way or $40 both ways.
  • Transfer from Dnipropetrovsk Airport to your apartment.
  • *An airline ticket from/to Kiev/Zaporozhye = $135 one way or $270 both ways.
    Pre-arranged taxi transfer from/to Dnipropetrovsk Airport/your apartment in Zaporozhye = $50 one way or $100 both ways.
  • Our English speaking representative to meet you in Zaporozhye and familiarise you with your surroundings (nearest ATM's, good restaurants, entertainment, places of interest, supermarkets and late night shops etc.)
    There is a charge for this service of $20.
  • General translation work.
    Within Zaporozhye = $10 per hour.
    Outside Zaporozhye = $15 per hour plus translators expences
  • English speaking personal tours of the city.
    We have many English speaking tour options available to help you fill your time. They are priced favourably for couples to encourage you to explore her home city together. We can also arrange massage, gym, beauty treatments for you. For an idea of prices and tour details, please view our Zaparozhye tours page.

We quote each package, based on booking the services seperately.

Normal price for a package includes theese services:

Semi Luxury 1, 3 room apartment = $55 per night, Luxury 1,2 room apartment-$60 per night, Luxury 3 room apartment-$70 per night, Superlux3 room=$80 per night
Taxi from to airport to your accommodation $30x2=$60 From Zaporozhye airport, $50x2=$100 from Dnepropetrovsk airport, $20x2=$40 from Zaporozhye train station
Our translator to greet you =$20
Date with one of our ladies = $60 Price includes translator in attandacne for 1st date!

Meeting Package Zaporozhye
Semi-Luxrury 1,3 Room Apartment Luxrury 1,2 Room Apartment Luxury 3 Room apartment Superlux 3 Room Apartment
5 nights
$450 $490 $540
7 nights
$560 $630 $700
10 nights
$640 Saving $50
$700 Saving $50 $790 Saving $50 $890 Saving $50
14 nights
$850 Saving $70!
$910 Saving $70! $1050 Saving $70! $1190 Saving$70!

Optional services

  • We can book internal travel tickets to get you from Kiev to your destination.
  • Translators available for $15 per hour. If the woman you choose is not absolutely sure of her ability to speak decent English ( which will come quickly with practice) please don’t hesitate to hire our interpreters.
  • Katrine or Irina can assist you as translators on your dates. We‘ll make every effort to get the conversation going and promote better understanding between you.
  • Additional first dates arranged during stay with ladies registered with us $70 per date incl. a translator to help break the ice and iron out communication.
  • Our representative can help with choosing a bouquet of flowers or a gift for you to present your lady at first meeting.
  • Guided tours in English for you and your lady, acquainting you with the unique Zaporozhye city flair, its cultural life, monumental sights and places for relaxation and entertainment. Not to forget stunning landscapes of famous Hortiza Island, which can be seen on a pleasure boat or a walking tour.
  • Private drivers for hire $20 per hour
  • A romantic getaway tour to Crimea. See English speaking guided tours & Excursions. Guides and tourist information will be available and relevant to your location.

Your bookings for our meeting package & any optional services you require should be made a minimum of 2 weeks prior to meeting date. For the Crimea. especially in the summer months, 4 weeks notice is recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: Don't assume because the lady has agreed to meet, she is agreeing to a romantic time. Cupid will also need to play a part! Our ladies are not paid or offered any incentive to meet with you. They do so on their own request. Most of our ladies seek a lasting relationship.

Full payment is required at least 2 weeks prior to arrival and can be paid using PayPal or major debit or credit cards. In the event of cancellation we will offer a full refund MINUS 20%. The 20% is used by us as a deposit to confirm your apartment and cannot be refunded.

It is usually possible to extend your stay if you so wish. Additional nights are charged at the per night rate of the apartment.

Post Meeting

We truly hope you meet the lady of your dreams,want to keep in touch and meet up again soon! We'll continue to help you and your loved one maintain contact and will offer advise on visas as well as practical advise . We offer a reasonably priced photo/video gift delivery service so that you can treat her to something special if you wish. We'll also be able to offer discounts on some of our services for frequent use.


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