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Apartment Bookings/Taxi Pick up/Translator Greeting l Flight & Train Tickets l Our Delivery/Photo Delivery Service l Downloadable Map of Zaporozhye

Apartment Bookings

1. Once you have chosen your apartment on our site and want to book it you have to send a deposit. We accept payments through PayPal, Moneybookers and AlertPay where you can pay with Credit Cards or a Bank Account. The deposit is a guarantee for you that the apartment will be available for the booked period, and refused for other clients interested in the apartment, and also it is a guarantee for the owner. When the deposit is covered the chosen apartment will be booked and we'll send you the full address and the booking receipt. You should book at least 2 weeks in advance using our online booking system to avoid disappointment. We are sometimes able to make short notice bookings (within 24 hours of arrival), but you will need to email admin@joinmyheart.com to confirm this.

2. We accept payment for deposits on apartments, boarding houses and private holiday inns in Ukraine. This applies to any accommodation offered on the site. The remaining balance should be paid to the landlady/landlord in Ukrainian Hryvna on arrival. We will advise you of how much will be outstanding (in Dollars, Euros and Hryvna).The landlords usually accept the payment in Euros and Dollars, but please ensure that your notes are new, as it can be a problem trying to change notes that are old or damaged.

3. You should make a booking when you know for sure your dates of your arrival and departure. If you decide to cancel or change your booking at any time, booking deposit will not be refunded. Should you have to leave early for what ever reason the rent is none refundable.

4. If you pay in full, 20% of the total apartment/ boarding house/holiday inn price is non refundable in the event of cancellation, once it is confirmed as available to you.

5. In case you will come and do not like the reserved apartment motivated by any personal reasons the deposit is not refunded, we will try to find you a alternative apartment if possible, but we are not responsible for replacing the apartment. So if you have any special requirements please inform us about them in advance and make sure that the chosen apartment meets all your requirements.

6. Taxi pick up services and/or translator greeting services are non refundable once confirmed.

7. In the event of delayed arrival there may be an extra charge for the taxi and or/translator greeting service. Advise us at least an hour before to avoid/minimise these extra charges.

8. If you purchase flight and/or train tickets with your apartment booking, please also refer to these terms.


Flight & Train Tickets

1. Flight or train tickets MUST be purchased at least one week in advance. Three weeks advance notice is recommended April to September.

2 The person traveling MUST provide a copy of their passport to purchase tickets. Operators will not issue tickets to us without this. This can be a colour or black and white scanned copy, but must clearly show your photograph and name. Email this as an attachment to admin@joinmyheart.com.

3. When we have purchased your ticket we will email you a copy of the receipt. This will provide you with a guarantee of your reservation. You MUST print this and bring it with you. Once we have purchased the tickets on your behalf and you receive a copy of the receipt, they are non refundable in the event of cancellation,delays, problems with connecting flights or any other reason than us being at fault. We recommend that you check your travel insurance covers your tickets.

4. Plane ticket receipts should be presented to the Motor Sich desk at Kiev Borispol Terminal A, with your passport and you will receive your actual ticket. Recommended check in time is 90 minutes before departure.

5. Train ticket receipts should be presented to the ticket office at Kiev Train Terminal, with your passport and you will receive your actual ticket. If you take an overnight service there will be a small additional fee for bedding. This is paid to the guard on the train.

6. Please allow enough time to collect your tickets in Kiev. We recommend your arrival at Kiev Borispol Terminal B, should be at least 3 hours before the departure of your connecting service, whether it's by train or plane.

7. Our handling/admin fee is non refundable.


Delivery/ Photo Delivery Services

1. We will perform the delivery in accordance with instructions you have given us or that we agree with recipient. If we are unable to make the delivery for ANY reason OTHER than us being at fault, we are unable to provide a refund. We can attempt redelivery of items at an additional fee of $25 per time. This does not apply to flowers, fruits or any other items that are perishable.

2. A brief summary of feedback is always provided free of charge. If the recipient provides extensive feedback or a letter in Russian for you, we may ask for additional fees for translation to English.

3. You MUST supply a valid email address to receive feedback/photos.

4. Photos/videos of the delivery are at the recipients discretion and we cannot refund this fee in the event of a refusal. You will always be given confirmation of delivery results. Videos have audio and are emailed in wmv format for playback in Windows Media Player. Typical length of clip is 15-30 seconds. If you require a different format, please advise us prior to delivery. Our wmv videos are normally between 1MB - 4MB. Different formats may produce files up to 10MB. Please ensure that your email can handle files of this size.

5. When you select a service with photo/video delivery, we try to get the best quality images/film possible. However, we can't guarantee perfect results every time. Lighting, weather and other circumstances may have an adverse effect on the end result. We will always include a minimum of 2 photos and will include extras if we feel the quality is poor. Video will include an audio message from the recipient where they are agreeable.

6. If you purchase multiple items to be delivered to the same recipient on the same date, you only need to select photo deliver on ONE of the items. If more than one with photo delivery we are unable to refund the charges. We will send you additional photos instead.

7. If an item you have ordered is not available, we will offer you an alternative, that is at a comparable cost. If this happens on the day of delivery we will choose a close alternative, that is at a comparable cost and advise you as part of the feedback.


Downloadable Map of Zaporozhye

1. Once you've completed payment, we will send you an email with a link to download the map. This link is valid for 48 hours.

2. This item is non refundable.

3. The map is in PDF format to enable easy printing. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it. This software is free and available by clicking here. This will open a new window with Adobe's download page. Follow the download instructions once this page is displayed.

4. While www.joinmyheart.com provides the material on this server to anyone for informational purposes only, we retain the copyright on all text and graphic images. This means you may not: distribute the text or graphics to others without the express written permission of www.joinmyheart.com; "mirror" or include this information on your own server or documents without our permission; or modify or re-use the text or graphics on this server.

5. You may: print copies of the map for your own personal use; or store the file on your own computer for personal use. The map may not be used for any commercial purpose.

6. Use of the map on any other Web site or network computer environment is prohibited.

7. If you experience any difficulties with this process, please email admin@joinmyheart.com with details.


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