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Russian/Ukrainian to English translation services for
emails, letters and telephone calls. On site Russian/English translators in Zaporozhye, The Crimea & Kiev

Whether you require English to Russian translation of emails, written letters or telephone calls to your loved one, you will find Join My Heart's translators both helpful, polite and respectful of confidentiality. We offer a wide range of services to assist you with communication.

Email Translation

Price includes up to 3 attached photos and a maximum of 650 words(it's about 1 page of your just using regular 12 font and single spaced). Additional charged at $2 per photo. Additional words 2¢ each. Forwarded by email to the lady. She must have a valid email address!

  • English to Russian $10
  • Russian to English $10
  • Email us with details.
  • German to Russian $10
  • Russian to German $10
  • Email us with details.
  • French to Russian $15
  • Russian to French $15
  • Email us with details.
  • Italian to Russian $15
  • Russian to Italian $15
  • Email us with details.

Email your letter and details of the recipient's email address.

Regular Letter Translation

Letters printed as Word document, with original attached and hand delivered to the lady. Photos can be scanned and attached. Up to 3 per letter. Additional photos charged at $2 per photo. This service is only available if the recipient lives in Zaporozhye.

  • English to Russian $20 for 1x A4 document. Additional A4 documents charged at an extra $10 each. If you would like delivery of letter photographed ( 2 photos) and emailed to you add extra $6.
  • We can verbally translate the letter to the girl for $15. If you would like delivery of letter photographed ( 2 photos) and emailed to you add extra $6.
  • Russian to English $20 per letter. Includes up to 3 free photos scanned and attached. Additional photos charged at $2 per photo.
  • Email us with details.

Other languages (German, French, Italian) $25 for 1 x A4 document. Additional A4 documents charged at an extra $15 each.

Email your letter and full details of the recipient here. Please include recipients name, full address and telephone/ cell phone number.

Telephone Translation

Payable by the gentleman and billed at end of call
. This service is only available if the recipient lives in Zaporozhye.

  • $2 per minute

Email details of when you would like to arrange the call for here.

Pre-arranged Webcam/online chat with translator present

This is a highly effective way of getting to know each other and we would you will probably know each other quite well in just 2 or 3 hour sessions.
A great method if you're looking for a quick meeting and to see the lady from your own home!

The cost of this service is $40 per session and will allow up to an hours chat. We can use Yahoo, MSN or Skype depending on your preference. This is a fixed minimum charge and there are no refunds

On site Translation

When you arrive in The Ukraine you will find it difficult to get by with little or no knowledge of the Russian language. Outside Kiev it can be difficult to be understood. Our translators can assist you!

  • Zaporozhye $10 per hour
  • Kiev $15 per hour
  • The Crimea $15 per hour
  • Email us with details.

Other languages (German, French, Italian) Zaporozhye $15 per hour - Kiew, The Crimea $20 per hour

Although you may be able to book a translator when you arrive, it is likely they already have bookings. We advise that you book our translators a minimum of 2 weeks before.

Email here to make a booking, advising of your destination and dates you would like the service to and from.

English speaking guided tours & Excursions

Many tours, especially in The Crimea are only given in Russian. Our English speaking translators will make sure you don't miss a thing.

We also offer German speaking guiding tours and excursions. Please find more information here.

We request that you book these services a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of arrival. A deposit of 20% is required and can be paid using PayPal or major debit or credit cards. The deposit is non refundable.

Russian Language Courses in Zaporozhye

Russian is considered to be one of the five major world languages. It is spoken by 280 million people around the Globe and over a quarter of the world’s scientific literature is published in Russian. It is one of the most widely spoken native languages in Europe. There are a variety of career opportunities in both governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as in international business for people with Russian language skills. You may also wish to learn Russian to communicate with your Ukrainian or Russian girlfriend. If you are thinking of learning Russian or improving your language skills, our on the spot and online lessons will be your best choice. First, Russian is spoken as a native, primary language in Zaporozhye, just like in Russia. You can come to Zaporozhye at any time, whenever you want because visas are no longer required for US and EU citizens, while getting a Russian visa can be a hassle! Finally, the cost of tuition is more than reasonable as compared with study in Russia. If you consider an educational trip to Zaporozhye to study Russian, we can provide you with many pre-travel services:

  • transfer from airport and train station
  • private Zaporozhye apartments to rent
  • rent a car with driver on hourly basis
  • English /German speaking tours, covering the most popular attractions in Zaporozhye.
  • booking restaurants, tickets to theaters, concerts, cultural performances and sport games
  • Personal assistance of our guide- interpreter
  • Invitation for a dinner to a traditional Russian speaking family

We offer a variety of Russian language courses - from beginner to advanced levels. We can organize you a practical based course with a visit to a traditional Ukrainian family. You can study Russian at any time of year, whatever your proficiency is. Our highly qualified instructor , a native speaker, has 4 years’ experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language. She speaks English and German as well.

We also offer you to learn the Russian language online. The content of our online lessons provides the opportunity to learn the most useful vocabulary and grammar as well as the phonetics and rules of reading in Russian language.

General and online Russian classes: The lessons cover a wide range of Russian language skills with the aim of improving your confidence and ability to use Russian. The trainings aim to improve ability to communicate in Russian across all four language skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking, and provide you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to give you the greatest chance of success in the shortest time. The duration of the courses typically varies from 2 weeks to 4weeks when you choose to learn Russian in Zaporozhye and 4 weeks and more when you opt for an online course. The beginners' course is designed for those who want to acquire basic skills in speaking, reading, understanding and writing Russian. At higher levels you will improve and perfect your skills. Intensive courses and individual trainings are tailored to meet your specific needs. During individual classes you and your teacher can decide what is best to focus on and develop a schedule accordingly. One-to-one lessons also allow to set your own pace and learn Russian at your own tempo to make the best progress.


The cost depends upon the duration, frequency, intensity and content of the course. A general online course of Russian comprising 4 hours tuition per week costs:

  • from $135(2 weeks)
  • to $270/EUR200 (per month)

The General Russian lessons in Zaporozhye

  • from $600 ( 2 weeks, 20 hours a week)
  • from $600 ( 4 weeks, 20 hours a week)

The following is provided for the cost:

  • Tuition for 4 hours /20 hours per week (one teaching hour = 45 minutes)
  • Online Bilingual dictionaries, grammar lexical materials, textbooks
  • Audio language training materials (dvd's, tapes, movies)

Optional Extra:

  • Cultural excursions and sight-seeing in Zaporozhye, Kiev and the Crimea
  • Social activities


Rental apartment: Accommodation at a private apartment is available at a cost of approximately $400 per week - self-catering, $700 per month - self-catering.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and specific needs in terms of duration, or content of study etc. We can draw you a special language tour program including Russian language lessons and a cultural and entertaining program. Send us an inquiry on (Languages: English & German, Russian & Ukrainian).

Email here to make a booking, advising of your destination and dates you would like the service to and from.

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